Collagen Stimulation Therapy

This treatment requires serious commitment from clients to achieve the best possible results...that will make your jaw drop!

Dr Des of Environ is a pioneer of skin-needling. CST harnesses the body's natural powers of healing to smooth the skin and achieve incredible results. This cutting edge treatment is especially effective for addressing visible signs of ageing, as well as acne scarring, slackened skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels. For best results clients are recommended to be on a good Environ and Advanced Nutrition Supplements home care journey, and having regular Environ facials.

Collagen Stimulation Therapy

Patch tests and full consultations are required prior to the start of any course (£15).

Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) – Medical Skin Needling
  • Single treatment £250 
  • Course of 3 £670 
  • Course of 6 £1250 - inc Super Moisturiser and Skin Collagen Support Supplements

During this procedure, topical anesthetic will be used on the skin, then a small roller containing tiny needles will be used to create thousands of microscopic channels in the lower levels of the skin. This causes a minimal amount of bleeding that stops within minutes. The body responds to CST in the same way that it would an injury. The small amount of bleeding releases Type1 'Baby' Collagen and other amazing growth factors to aid the healing process and lots of deep production of collagen and elastin, in turn helping achieve the perfect skin.